-Pahala Kadam-


Vegetable Assorted Platter A combination of samosa, batata vada, aloo tikki & pakoras.                  8.95

Gateway Assorted Platter A combination of samosa, pakoras, tikki, onion bhaji & chicken tikka.     11.95

Vegetable Samosa A popular fried patties with a savory filling of potatoes & peas.                              3.95                     

Aloo Tikki A popular North Indian cutlet w/ mashed potatoes, herbs & spices.                                 3.95   

Vegetable Pakora Vegetables dipped in spiced batter & fried to golden perfection.                            3.95

Batata Vada Mumbai popular snack, boiled potatoes w/ spices and fried with lentil batter              3.95

Samosa or Aloo Tikki Chaat Samosa or aloo tikki covered w/ chickpeas, yogurt, onions, tomato, & chutney toppings.                                                                                                                                                        6.95

Chicken Tikka Chicken grilled in tandoor with mild spice, garnish with onions & bell pepper.       8.95

OnionBhaji or Paneer Pakora Onions or paneer cheese dipped in lentil batter and deep fried.        8.95



Sliced Indian Salad  Romaine lettuce, tomato and cucumber, sliced onions, peppers, lemon.      3.95

Papadam  Lentils flat bread.                                                                                                                        1.95                  

Mulligatawny SoupLentils cooked in a spicy broth.                                                                                  3.95          

Palak SoupSpinach cooked w/cream herbs & spices.                                                                           3.95                  

Creamof Tomato- Homemade tomato soup cooked in herbs and spices.                                           3.95          

RaitaGrated cucumber made in homemade yogurt w/mint leaves.                                                    2.95


                         -Bahar-e-Chawal- -Biryani-

Vegetable Biryani  Vegetables cooked in an aromatic blend of rice and exotic spices w/fresh herbs.13.95

Chicken Biryani   Chicken cooked in an aromatic blend of long grain rice, and spices.                        14.95

Lamb (Boneless) or Goat Biryani Cooked in an aromatic blend of rice and exotic spices.                        15.95

Shrimp Biryani   Shrimp cooked in an aromatic blend of rice and exotic spices w/fresh herbs.         18.95