Chicken (Boneless)

Any Chicken Entrée $13.95

Chicken Curry  Cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, turmeric curry sauce. A curry delight!


Chicken Vindaloo   Chicken marinated with white vinegar, herbs & spiced cooked in 'goan' style sauce.


Chicken Madras Tender Chicken cooked in mustard seed and coconut with spicy South Indian sauce.


Chicken Hyderbadi (Pudina)   Cooked in an exotic South Indian curry with tomato, ginger and garlic.


Chicken Saagwala   Boneless chicken sautéed with fresh spinach and mild Indian spices.


ChickenKarahi (Bhuna) Tender Chicken cooked in onion, tomatoes, green pepper, ginger & garlic.


Chicken Jalfreiz   Northern spices cooked with tomatoes, onions, green peppers & vegetables.


Chicken Tikka Massala Chicken broiled in the tandoor/ cooked in rich tomato, onion & cream sauce.


Chicken Makhani (Butter Chicken)   Tandoori Chicken boneless tender cooked in a rich cream sauce.


Chicken Korma or Chicken Kashmere Chicken cooked in a soothing cashew cream sauce. (Kashmere w/pineapple)  

                                    -Tandoori Nawaazi-

From our Tandoor on Sizzler (Hotplate)

Paneer (Veg) Tikka Yogurt marinated Indian cheese (paneer), barbecued in charcoal oven.             13.95

Tandoori Mixed Grill A combination of Tandoori Chicken, Kebabs, Shrimp & Salmon Tikka.             19.95 

Chicken Tikka Sizzling hot plate of chicken marinated with yogurt, grilled in clay oven.                       13.95

Malai Methi Chicken KababMouth melting morsels of chicken laced with cream, accented with dry  fenugreek, and grilled in a clay oven.                                                                                                                                                                  13.95

Chicken Tandoori (On Bone)         Yogurt marinated tender chicken (dark meat) in herbs & spiced lemon, then barbecued over flaming charcoal in the tandoor.                                                                                                                  13.95

Tandoori Fish (Salmon) Or Prawn (Shrimp) Marinated n fresh spices and lemon, then barbecued over flaming charcoal in the tandoor.                                                                 16.95 Salmon  /17.95 Prawns