-Samundri Khajana-


Fish Entrée $14.95 /Shrimp Entrees $16.95

Fish or Shrimp Curry

Seafood cooked w/fresh ginger and garlic, tumeric spiced sauce. A curry delight!

Fish or Shrimp Vindaloo 


Marinated w/white vinegar, herbs & spiced cooked in 'goan' style. Specialty for hot food lovers!      

Shrimp Tikka Massala Shrimp broiled in the tandoor, cooked in a rich tomato & onion cream sauce.

Shrimp Korma           Shrimp cooked in a mild cream sauce w/nuts. A soothing delight!  

Shrimp or Fish Madras Cooked in mustard seeds and coconut with spicy South Indian sauce.

Egg Curry     Boiled eggs cooked in curry sauce with tomatoes & onions.                     


LAMB (Boneless)/GOAT (on Bone) 

All Lamb & Goat Entrees $15.95

Lamb or Goat Curry   Cooked with fresh onion, ginger & garlic in a curry sauce. A curry delight!

Lamb VindalooLamb and potatoes cooked in spicy tomato & onion sauce with hint of vinegar.

Lamb Korma   Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a mild cashew sauce. A soothing delight!

Lamb Tikka Massala   Tender pieces of lamb, cooked in rich tomato & onion cream sauce.

Lamb Jalfreizy     Northern spices cooked with tomato, onions, green peppers & vegetables.

Lamb Saagwala (Palak Ghosht)    A Punjabi favorite, Lamb pieces cooked in a spinach sauce.

Lamb or Goat Madras   Tamil Style Lamb (Goat) curry, cooked in coconut sauce flavored with curry leaves and mustard seeds.

Keema Matar   All time favorite delicacy. Ground Lamb cooked with green peas and flavored with Indian Spices.

Lamb Rogan Josh    A very popular aromatic Kashmiri lamb dish brought by the Mughals.  A combination of yogurt, ginger and tomato with garam massala.