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Lamb Samosa

Two turnover filled with peas and ground lamb 8.95

Chicken 65

Tangy and mouthwatering chicken thigh meat fried and sautéed in flavorful tomato sauce! 13.95

Chili Chicken or (Paneer)

Sweet, spicy crispy chicken tight or homemade cheese paneer served with bell peppers, chili garlic sauce and soy sauce 13.95

Goan Fish or (Prawn)

The perfect Indian seafood curry to warm up with it! Warm and tangy fish cooled with coconut milk. 14.95

Mahi Tikka Massala  or  (Prawn) Signature

Tomato creamy gravy with bell peppers and onions 16.95

Mahi Pasanda or (Prawn)

Pasanda is a traditional and popular north Indian dish similar to Korma but a bit more fruity. … seeds, peppercorns, and garam masala, then cooked in the creamy pasanda sauce made with roasted almonds. …  16.95

Fish (Meen) Kuzhambu

A south Indian home style fish curry – Simple and finger licking good!  14.95